Keeping Website Promotion in Mind While Developing Your Website

Website promotion is one of the most basic yet most vital factors
of e-business. If your website isn’t placed in front of a
targeted audience, those that will benefit from what you have to
offer, the website loses its purpose altogether. Thus, website
promotion is something that should be considered at all times,
especially when the website is initially being developed.

To develop a website that will be a good tool for your business,
there are several things about website promotion to consider. Of
course you’ll want to consider your target market, your image,
your competition, your unique selling proposition, your sales
copy and everything else that goes along with building and
marketing a business. But, for an internet business you also must
contemplate the search engines which are undoubtedly the most
important website promotion devices you’ll ever encounter in an
internet-based business.

With the ever growing number of websites on the internet, using
search engines for website promotion isn’t easy. The most
difficult part perhaps is developing an understanding of how the
search engines rank your website. Different search engines have
different rules and techniques for ranking websites and those
rules change often, so basically they keep you guessing.

At any rate, there is one thing that search engines always rely
on when ranking your website and that is keywords and keyword
phrases. For website promotion purposes, you definitely need to
think about keywords when developing a website because that’s
what the search engines consistently use to categorize your
website which makes it accessible to browsers who are searching
for your products, services or information.

Because competition on the internet is so fierce, you need to
select niche phrases for your keywords to minimize the
competition, to ensure that obtaining a decent search engine
ranking will be possible and to ensure that your website
promotion won’t cost you a fortune.

For the purpose of website promotion through the search engine,
keywords and keyword phrases should be included both in the
website’s content (the text) and in the source code. It is also a
good idea to include keywords or keyword phrases in your domain
name. So, in the website development phase, before you even
choose a domain name, knowing what keywords you will be using is

Wordtracker is an online tool that is great for selecting
keywords and keyword phrases that will be conducive to your
website promotion efforts. Using Wordtracker you can pull reports
on keywords to see how popular they are and to estimate how much
traffic they will generate and how much directing the traffic to
your site via pay-per-click might cost you. You can even tell how
much competition there is for a particular keyword or keyword

Once upon a time website owners tried to obtain top search engine
ranking by overusing keywords, using irrelevant keywords and
basically trying to “fake the search engines out” by making it
appear that their websites offered value to browsers when in fact
they did not. Such manipulative search engine optimization
practices quickly became known as spamming the search engines
which resulted in websites using such tactics being banned from
the search engines.

Be cautious not to spam the search engines because being banned
can certainly halt your website promotion in an instant. Besides,
using irrelevant keywords won’t accomplish the goal of driving
qualified, targeted traffic to your website. Website promotion
will be much easier for you if you consider keywords and keyword
strategies in the website development phase. That way, as the
site is being developed, the keywords that will be most
beneficial for your website promotion can be included from the
start and the site will be much more successful.